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How the PM9 can improve a service.

It's simply the easiest way to get better sound!  Soloists, praise band members, pastors — even prayer requests from the congregation — all challenge a dynamic microphone. That’s why we designed the PM9 to be one of the most versatile (and forgiving) mics a church can own.

Your skilled soloists will love how they sound no matter how loud or soft they sing. They’ll discover a clear, controlled low end along with silky high end that lets them truly sing from the heart.  


The occasional singer will love the forgiving, supercardoid polar response that helps them stay on-mic, rejects stage bleed, discourages feedback, and is easy to grasp without accidentally blocking the rear "ports".

Plus your sound technicians and raw volunteers will love the high gain before feedback and freedom from P-pops…even when in the hands of the less inexperienced.


If you think these are broad claims, audition a PM9 against any other dynamic mic your praise band is using.


Our competitors would price this mic at up to $500.

How can a world-class dynamic microphone cost just $199 retail*? Because MikTek believes in honest value. In the hands of some very impressive artists and Worship Leaders, the PM9 has garnered solid raves. First and foremost, it is not a knock-off copy of any "famous" dynamic microphone. Rather, our goal was to combine far-above average sound and impressive build quality. How? A dynamic microphone is a combination of premier-class materials and a specific fresh new design goal. We use the best components such as custom-wound boutique transformers, and then realize it in a mic design that avoids "me-too" frequency response. characteristics.

A solid 12-year legacy.

You might not be familiar with MikTek because we don't do much expensive promotion. 
We're based just outside of Nashville, so we have been able to grow over the last two decades solely by word of mouth.

Our mics have found a home in many of the most prominent Nashville studios.



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Inside the PM9.

Because a dynamic mic's accuracy and character starts with its element, we use a proprietary, pure neodymium design that is perfectly matched to the PM9's custom output transformer. Other $199 microphones use cheapest-possible transformers. MikTek splurges, spending at least 5 times as much for our custom transformers. We source them from AMI, a U.S. boutique supplier who makes replacement transformers for some of the really famous brands we can't mention. Our voice coils are wound with much finer wire than that most.

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